About me

I'm Nick, and I have a degree in English and Drama.

I don't currently work in theatre but see as many London shows as I can, and like to share my reviews. Like most people, I usually pay for my tickets (so I can tell you what the view's like from the cheap seats - theatre shouldn't just be for people who can mortgage their house for a premium ticket) and believe that entitles me to an opinion1.

I don't claim to know everything there is to know about theatre. But I do know a fair bit.

I also don't claim I'm not often quite shallow, and easily distracted by attractive men on stage. This may sometimes result in reviews featuring Too Much Information about the aforementioned men.

Since starting this blog I've ticked off the final five plays I needed to complete seeing the entire Shakespeare canon on stage: Titus Andronicus, the three Henry VI plays and The Two Noble Kinsmen. Unless everyone changes their mind again and decides Edward III should count towards the complete works - I'm considering that one a bonus point if it ever comes around.


"I do think “Eldridge managed to get the phrase “one up the bum, no harm done” into a main-stage National Theatre show, and what’s not to like about that?” is one of the great critical responses to my work" - David Eldridge

Winner: "Most Accurate Critic of 2013," Pockle Awards. I am yet to receive a statuette.


1not everyone agrees with me about this