About me

I'm Nick, and I have a degree in English and Drama.

I don't currently work in theatre but see as many London shows as I can, and like to share my reviews. Like most people, I usually pay for my tickets (so I can tell you what the view's like from the cheap seats - theatre shouldn't just be for people who can mortgage their house for a premium ticket) and believe that entitles me to an opinion1.

I don't claim to know everything there is to know about theatre. But I do know a fair bit.

I also don't claim I'm not often quite shallow, and easily distracted by attractive men on stage. This may sometimes result in reviews featuring Too Much Information about the aforementioned men.

I now only have one Shakespeare play yet to see on stage - The Two Noble Kinsmen. Since starting this blog I have ticked off four I hadn't previously seen: Titus Andronicus and the three Henry VI plays.


Winner: "Most Accurate Critic of 2013," Pockle Awards. I am yet to receive a statuette.


1not everyone agrees with me about this