Sunday, 1 January 2012

Partially Obstructed View

Welcome to Partially Obstructed View, my new theatre blog. I started a personal blog, So anyway, back in 2006 but over the years it became more and more dominated by my theatre reviews. So anyone wanting to read a personal blog would have mainly found reviews, while theatre fans would have found them regularly broken up with my personal rants and faux-insightful commentary on the X Factor. Which is where this new site comes in and from the start of 2012 all my reviews of theatre, mainly in and around That London, will be here. Have a look at the About Me page if you want to know more about where I'm coming from and what influences my opinions; and my reviews up to the end of 2011 can be found on the theatre reviews tag on my personal blog. Hope you enjoy the upcoming posts, and do let me know if they ever steer you towards a great show you might otherwise have missed.


  1. Hey, first comment on your new blog. Do I get a prize?

  2. Yes, you get to come to the theatre with me in a couple of months' time! And you get to pay for your ticket! Hurrah!

    (Technically Jamie was the first to comment but I've deleted the post it was in; I'd done a temporary post to say there would be a blog here eventually, but not yet.)

  3. I wondered where my comment went...
    (I tried to use the OpenID thing, but it says my credentials could not be verified)

  4. I tried to use the OpenID thing, but it says my credentials could not be verified

    How odd. I've used my LJ id or Twitter name to leave comments on other blogspots before I had a blogger id.